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For those who have difficulty commuting


Thank you for your hard work every day.

One of the complaints that I often hear from customers who have just started working at a clinic is that, "It's hard on my body, but it's especially hard to commute." A “car” is essential for living in Gifu. A tired body interferes not only with work, but also with driving.


     ➢ Loss of concentration while driving.

  ➢ I am worried about “stiffness” in my shoulders and neck.

  ➢ Blurry vision.

  ➢ My back hurts after driving for a long time.


For these symptoms, we recommend

"Massage + acupuncture course"is.



For those raising children

Raising a child is very physically demanding. It also takes time.

Are you overdoing yourself for the sake of your child?

It is important to refresh efficiently in order to raise children properly.

Pain in shoulders and neck

My lower back is “painful”

back hurts

My leg hurts "

For these symptoms, we recommend

"Massage + acupuncture course"

or"Massage + Moxibustion Course"is.


For those receiving nursing care

Due to my occupation, I often work at nursing homes and visit nursing homes, and it is the families and nursing staff who receive consultations there.

"My shoulder hurts." "My back hurts." "My knee hurts."

It was the current situation that nursing care was more difficult due to the pain of the body.

Also, it was hard not only for my body, but also for my mind.

If the person receiving nursing care, the person providing nursing care, the body, and the heart cannot afford it, they will go bankrupt somewhere.


In such a case, I recommend

"Massage + acupuncture course"is.


For those receiving nursing care


"I'm always doing the same rehab

Will my body get better? 』


"Only safe rehab can be done"

For those who think

Do you want to go to rehab at your own expense?


at our hospital“Disease-specific exercise therapy (training)”of


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